Thursday, December 16, 2010

You Used To Be One

You used to the one.
Now you're gone.
In my mind.
Now you're not mine.

Chorus:You aren't for me.
You are not meant to be.
You never think about me.
Only you.
Now that's really rude.
Now I'm keaving you.
Boo-hoo for you.

Like I said leave me alone.
You deserve someone better then me.
Someone like a jerk like you............
Your soooo... not for me.


You think you're strong.
But yet you are wrong.
You you're so hot.
Actually you're not.

You we're alike.
Well take a hike

Monday, August 9, 2010

Fight isn't Right

Why are we fighting.
What have we done.
Why does my heart has feelings for no one.
We used to be the prefect one.
But look at us ooohhhh.......... what have we done.
Chorus:Why do we have a fight.
You know that isn't right.
You used to brighten my day.
You used to be my light.
We used to love each other.
Love at first sight.
You used to be my lover.
I am always your lover.
But why do we hate each other.
I thought our love.
Was from above.
Do I make you sad.
Why do you feel so sad.
Please tell me, tell me, tell me..................
Why do you hate me.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Your the one

Your the only one who understands me.
Can't you see.
Your the one for me 2x
I've been searching for all my life can't you see.
We've been fighing for ages.
But now we have many changes.
Last time you always hide.
But now your right by my side.
Before this you always give bad advice untill day and night.
But now you are always right.
Your the one for me 2x
I guarantee.